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2022-10-01 08:30:11 By : Ms. Loy Liu

The Public is hereby notified that in keeping with changes in international oil prices and Government’s application of the modified market pass-through petroleum pricing mechanism, the retail price of Gasoline, Diesel, LPG 100 lb cylinder has changed.

The retail price of kerosene, LPG 20 and 22lb cylinders remains unchanged. The price change takes effect from Monday, September 26, 2022.

 GASOLINE decreased from $3.95 to $3.89 per litre or $17.95 to $17.70 per gallon  Kerosene remains unchanged at $3.91 per litre or $17.77 per gallon  Diesel decreased from $3.95 to $3.89 per litre or $17.95 to $17.70 per gallon

 20 Pound Cylinder (9.07 kg) remains unchanged at $45.27 per cylinder  22 Pound Cylinder (9.98 kg) remains unchanged at $49.79 per cylinder  100 Pound Cylinder (45.36kg) increased from $303.53 to $318.64 per cylinder

The 20 lb Cylinder (9.07kg) is being subsidized at $18.46 per cylinder and the 22 lb Cylinder (9.98kg) is being subsidized at $20.31 per cylinder.

The Public is informed that the next adjustment of the retail price of fuel products will be on Monday, October 17, 2022.

SOURCE: Ministry of Commerce, Manufacturing, Business Development, Cooperatives and Consumer Affairs

I had no idea, before this, that High-grade was the paid, official apologist for the SLP…I thought he was just acting as any true believer would! His apology above, depends on his belief that anyone who is not a true believer, like him, is utterly stupid; and confirms his bona fides as a party con artist.

We are highly upset that the SLP is offering nothing new in terms of policy, like the UWP before them. Theirs is just a continuation of the same policies we have grudgingly accepted in each successive turn at the public trough, by the ravenous duopoly of party hogs (SLP & UWP)!

Let’s examine his folly closely:

The government of St. Lucia did not have to buy energy products at market value! Russia has been offering long-term contracts for all its energy products, at up to a 40% discount for years! Instead of taking advantage of this no-strings offer (western energy suppliers require you to currently pay double market prices, wherein your grandchildren’s & your great-grand-children’s future earnings are mortgaged to the hilt), they’ve been following the orders of the brainless twits who run western governments solely to generate profits for the shadowy and not so shadowy entities who have under-written their professional political careers.

I had to laugh when High-grade tried to con us into accepting the notion that our government is in the business of making a profit! High-grade should publicly be made to answer this question: What is the purpose of government in St. Lucia? We’ll probably get an answer on the twelfth of never!

If we look around and see which countries are are being sanctioned by the empire of lies and its minions, there is a common thread among them all: Their governments have placed the welfare of their citizens as their top priority for fulfillment! Their governments have refused to give away their natural resources, held in common, for a mess of pottage! They refuse to mortgage the futures of generations to come, just so the rentier class can amass wealth for themselves alone!

Begone with you, you sleazy house negro!

Here’s what happens to your country when you willingly or forcibly suck up to the empire of lies and their minions:

Go to the website: moonofalabama [dot] org Find the article: The U.S. Is Winning Its War On Europe’s Industries And People

….from the sleazy house Negro on to you lazy House Negro with your impromptu inaptitude, as it currently stands if your government was not Anti ALBA in the first place St Lucia would not have been in the pickle of high oil prices to begin with; but been the coward mongrels they were/are, along with other regional heads they ran with their tails between their legs when the US told them to do so……yes the same US who are trying quietly to siffle oil once again from a regime they tried so desperately to undermine which is why Nicolas Maduro still remains to this day. Of course you dysfunctional Yellow Twit, the government of St Lucia is in the business of making a profit ;your government tried in many ways to do just that CABOT for me CABOT for you. The government cannot use tax $to purchase fuel at world mark prices paid,to have it shipped and sells it at world market price that not equitable feasible Clown. To answer you with delight, the purpose of this government is to provide good governance and secured welfare to it’s people, unlike yours that sold a dollar for a dream investment without dividend trickle down economics.

High-grade’s limbic system has really kicked in now that his partisan grift has been exposed! His “fight or flight” response is a perfect match for what his political reality is reduced to – red vs. yellow – it’s the only thing he knows!

Hence, my words have never been truer. The only argument he knows is “…whether the white plantation foreman (UWP), or the house negro (SLP) is serving massa best by providing him with massive profits for his energy distribution scheme;” the needs of the people of St. Lucia are, and will always be the last item on the agenda of the red and yellow crooks, who battle constantly for the crumbs falling from massa’s table!

You need to stop smoking whatever rubbish it is you’re smoking. You have no braincells left and you’re a rambling moron.

Ay-Ay! Looks like massa is doubling & tripling the price of crumbs, as of last night!

He had his band of terrorists blow up the undersea gas pipelines to Germany. This ensures that Germany’s industries will certainly all close down, because they are no longer competitive, since their source of cheap gas has been cut off. This is very much the same story as how Japan’s industries were decimated in the late eighties, when Uncle Scam thought they were getting too big for their britches!

St. Lucia will have to go back to using coal-pots & coals, because we will not be able to afford to buy gas at the price Uncle Scam is forcing upon all their lap-dogs. At least we will not freeze to death like the Europeans, starting this November!

There is no respite coming from Russia, either. They have no reason to help out the 143 unfriendly countries (St. Lucia being one of them) which voted to sanction her, all because she embarked on the demilitarization & denazification of Ukraine, where Uncle Scam was staging his regime-change operation against her. China & India are buying up all the gas & oil that Russia would have sold to the UK & Europe, at a 40% discount of the current market prices; because they chose to assert their sovereignty, instead of being another one of massa’s house negroes!

In a couple of months, you party hacks can update me on how well being a true believer worked out for you! Nah! You will be too ashamed!. You will just instinctively fall back on your insane form of democracy – the quinquennial game of political musical chairs – to hide your political immaturity!

And here is Moon of Alabama’s coverage of Uncle Scam’s terrorist attack on pipelines to Germany from Russia:

Word on the street is that the pipelines were blown up “by 14 Arabs with box cutters”, and this will be proven when their passports are found on the seabed near the explosion sites! (/sarcasm…for the uninitiated)

You are one moron with red tainted glasses, who can’t see anything but red. World oil prices have dropped to the point when gas was 13.95 in St Lucia. Why are we still paying so much especially the 100lb customers? This is beyond ridiculous for all other prices to drop or remain unchanged but this one increasing by almost $20.00. Worst yet Lucelec has increased fuel surcharge to the point that some people are paying more fuel surcharge than actual consumption.

….yeah baby I am redder than red choke on it…….St Lucia’s prices are competitive regionally and even in some cases lower than some of our neighbors so what’s really your bitch little twit ??. I can’t comment on Lucelec, that’s your department baby, I have evolved, I am strictly solar…I highly recommend it. Get with the times old man, stop letting the grey impede your brain.

Actually it has dropped below that and continues to drop. Pierre in bed with the cabal.

I am still looking to see where I am paying less. Can someone show me the decrease? BTW when did gasoline move from $1695 to 17 plus????? I got lost somewhere. Was just out for two weeks and moved to 17 when everywhere else is declining in price including the price of a barrel of oil on the global market???

You’ll government people will pay for it!!! Robbing the poor.

So for those who are upset about a “commodity” we do not produce or have, and the government must buy said commodity at market value, pay to have said commodity to be delivered, and turn around and sell said commodity at the very same price of which they brought it for on the world market this equals = what Fool ?? The Jeopardy Theme Song for these Clowns….. Alex is (A) The government makes a profit ONLY from the gas tax or (B) The government looses because it demanded upon them to sell gas for EXACTLY what it’s sold for on the world market, and pay nothing to have it shipped; oh its free shipping, once you buy it from them they ship it for free.

Mr. Pierre and assorted crooks in the government and fuel importers. Average 3 week oil prices on international market is 85.11 while we’re paying 17.90 a gallon. On feb 28 the average prices was 91.87 and we were paying 13.95. So oil is almost 8% lower that it was at the start of the war yet we are paying almost 30% more. Stop stealing the consumers pierre. You turn term turd.

…hold your ass…and when we buy gas it should be “free shipping ” right ?? Buy low, sell it low and free shipping ….Jackass !

While you guys are arguing about whether the white plantation foreman (UWP), or the house negro (SLP) is serving “massa” best by providing him with massive profits for his energy distribution scheme, a consumer of the Russian independent energy producer is trolling “massa” directly:

Honestly??? and this is suppose to be great news?? @max i don’t appreciate you referring to the former PM as a slave master what if someone was to refer to the current PM by the N word anyway unfortunately you are not the only one who will regret your vote

Wait a minute. Is there a different gas in the 20lb compared to the 100lb? Why did one go up and the other remain the same?

Keep you quarter PJP. I am paying for kicking a white slave master and putting a little black boy. Same creature same hair.

…….yuh fada was a “little Black Bway” ask yuh mada, disgruntled Yellow Johncrow

These adjustments make no sense nor add any meaningful value to the consumer. Just imagine you have to wait a whole month to see another adjustment by a few cents. Yet when is time for increase is by multiple dollars and dollars at a time.Make it make sense.

you know what i find very interesting? a 100lb cylinder is $318.64 now a 20lb is 45.27 if five 20lb cylinders make one 100lb cylinder why is the 100lb cylinder so expensive? five 20lb cylinders are $226.35

Thank you. Same thing I am saying. What is the extra for the convenience of it lasting longer? I would prefer to buy the 20 lb tanks.

welll make it make sense

The cost includes delivery and placement of the tank

Not true at all. There is an extra cost for delivery.

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