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2022-08-13 08:15:26 By : Ms. Young Liu

2008 Toyota Tacoma Show and Tell

In previous articles we’ve learned about a scam involving Toyota’s “rusty truck” buyback program of which the Tacoma is well-known for rust problems; a dash warning light idiosyncrasy observed in some Toyota Tacoma’s; a frontend alignment fail with a Tacoma that served as a good example of why you should inspect all repairs; and, how to cut brake repair job costs in half on a Tacoma.

In today’s article we will learn what to look for in a used Toyota Tacoma that can prove to be beneficial for current Tacoma owners and those considering buying a used Tacoma through a 2008 Toyota Tacoma with 108,000 miles on it show and tell from the Car Care Nut YouTube channel where its host points out common problems in Tacoma’s from 2005 to 2015.

In the video you will learn:

• How to avoid the Tacoma’s infamous frame rust issues • Why not using your 4WD feature often enough can cause problems • How to extend the life on your brake calipers to prevent seizing • How often you should replace the spark plugs • Coolant eating away at the engine problem • Why not replacing the transmission fluid on time can lead to problems • How to test your driveshaft for premature wear seen in Tacoma’s • Why U-joint phasing is so important that some service techs miss • The difference between old (and recalled) and new updated rear leaf springs • Why you need to be certain what type of rear differential you have • What overpriced part not to buy OEM for the Tacoma • Whether the host considers the Tacoma to be a good truck

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This Tacoma Frame is Well Preserved | Toyota Tacoma Common Problems 2005-2015

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