10 Things Gearheads Should Know About The C7 Chevrolet Corvette

2022-07-30 06:03:09 By : Mr. Roger Chen

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The C7 Corvette remains one of the greatest supercar bargains of the 21st century. Here's what most gearheads forget about it.

When it comes to famous muscle cars, the Chevrolet Corvette is in a league of its own. Having an envious heritage, the Corvette has weathered the passing of time. It has watched contenders come and go, with the likes of the Jaguar E-Type and Ford Thunderbird not having the staying power.

In its time, the Corvette has continued to evolve. Some have been good, others great. While some are best forgotten. Each generation has embraced new technologies and adapted itself to survive. The forthcoming 2025 model is set to be an EV, a first for its lineage. But for many die-hard Corvette fans that love gasoline, the C7 is a sweet spot.

The C7 generation of Corvette saw a much-loved name return to the fold. The car itself took on a new look. It also became harder and faster than before. A fantastic used vehicle purchase, here are 10 things gearheads should know about the C7 Chevrolet Corvette.

The Stingray name hadn't appeared on a Corvette since 1976. Unlike its predecessor, though, this Stingray was a technological marvel. An aluminum body shell, carbon fiber hood, and roof reduced bulk. While its 50:50 weight distribution aided handling prowess.

A sophisticated 7-speed gearbox with rev-matching is also featured. As did a selectable driving mode system. One that boasted a 'Track' option. To be worthy of the Stingray moniker, the C7 Corvette needed to be special. And it was. It was the best Chevy had produced.

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The C7 Corvette feels far more compact than previous models. There is a distinctly more ambitious element to its nature. It now gets a direct-fuel injection—a smattering of next-gen materials. Intelligent computers to aid driving. It's an impressive machine.

Fitted with an all-new small block LT1 V8 displacing 6.2 liters. Bestowed with 455hp and 460 lb/ft of torque, the base car could hit 60 mph in an astonishing 3.7 seconds. This was a Corvette that could make the best Italian offerings stand back and take notice.

Like any good performance car, the C7 Corvette spawned several versions. From hardcore racers to topless beauties. There was a version to suit the needs and tastes of any driver. In addition, a variety of performance packages could be added to enhance a car.

The C7 Corvette also got its fair share of special editions. Cars that were further enhanced or tweaked to push the vehicle further. It's a multi-faceted car with a tremendous amount of talent. It's a car that is driven hard or just used for cruising. Utterly brilliant in its execution.

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Facing a sunny day or rain, the Targa topped C7 fears neither. Offering the best of both worlds, the Corvette can be driven with the top in place or removed. That's a cozy-confined cabin or open-top motoring at its best. Premium flexibility in a fantastic sports car.

Those who prefer the full-on open motoring experience can opt for a convertible. With the roof down, it looks sensational. This is also the best way to listen to the engine. Worked through the 7-speed gearbox it roars, grunts, and shouts a wonderful guttural noise.

The C7 Corvette took 6 years to develop. It was light-years ahead of the C6. The innovations placed the Corvette into a whole new league. More refined, more agile, and simply much better. It was also available officially in Europe. Something of a first for a Corvette.

In its 5-year run, the Corvette C7 won over a new legion of fans. It was even hailed by the motoring press. Every version of the car improved upon the formula. Where it had been criticized in the past, it now shone. The C7 became a real contender on a global scale.

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In 2015 the Z06 version was introduced. It now boasted a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 with aluminum cylinder heads. The engine upgrades gifted the Z06 with 650 hp and 650 lb/ft of torque. It can hit 60 mph in 3.3 seconds and 100mph in 8.5 seconds. Monstrously fast.

Building on the Z06 platform the ZR1 ups the ante once again. The ZR1 gains the revised LT5 engine and a bigger supercharger. Power swells to a bonkers 755 hp and 715 lb/ft of torque. It can hit 100 mph in just under 7 seconds before running onto 214 mph.

To mark the Corvette's 65th birthday, a very special limited edition model was released. With only 650 units released worldwide, it was also very rare. Named the Carbon 65, it featured several bespoke upgrades. It also could only be bought in Ceramic Matrix Gray.

Smothered in carbon fiber parts, the Carbon 65 looks amazing. Its unique graphics lift the car even further. Benefiting from a special spoiler, steering wheel, and interior trim it honored its lineage. They are set to be collector items and highly sought-after.

An amalgamation of the Stingray and Z06, the Grand Sport borrows the best from both camps. Its wide body drips aggression. Uprated Brembo brakes, magnetic ride control, and an electronic limited-slip differential all add to the appeal. It was born for speed.

Using the 460-hp LT1 engine, it was wickedly fast. A collectors' edition was also introduced. This cosmetic package added blue-edged seating, embossed headrest logos, and special decals. Its excellent performance was unchanged from the standard version.

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At the time of release, the C7 Corvette undercut its competition considerably. You couldn't obtain this much performance and glamour anywhere else at such a low price. At under $60,000 on release, there is very little that could live with it. It's the bargain supercar of the century.

On the secondhand market, a C7 Corvette makes a lot of sense. Prices start at around $35,000 for a base car. That's a lot of performance for the price of an average specification new car. Going fast and looking good has never been so affordable. Thank you, Chevrolet.

Several American muscle cars sit as icons. But the Corvette trumps them all. It's undoubtedly the most famous and lusted after. A true highway hero. The C7 Corvette blows away the competition in true American style. It is simply glorious.

The C7 Corvette is a driver's car every gearhead should be proud of. Whether it be comfort, sophistication, or absolute thrills, the C7 Corvette has it covered. Scale its power upwards through the range, and it truly becomes a true force to be reckoned with.

Having cut his teeth on the UK street racing scene in the late 90's and early 00's RJ faded from the limelight only to return 20 years later. An avid motoring enthusiast RJ especially enjoys JDM and Italian cars, and is an experienced multi-industry writer.

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