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1.Detailed information:  (1)Professional manufacturer of AAC block making machine for 15 years;  (2)Our products have passed ISO9001:2008,BV,CE,SGS certification;  (3)Engineers available to service machinery overseas;  (4)Warranty:one ye

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1.Detailed information:
  (1)Professional manufacturer of AAC block making machine for 15 years;
  (2)Our products have passed ISO9001:2008,BV,CE,SGS certification;
  (3)Engineers available to service machinery overseas;
  (4)Warranty:one year,24 hours technical support by e-mail;
2.Autoclaved Aerated Concrete(AAC) Block Introduction:
   Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Block, also called Light Block, used siliceous (fly ash, sand, slag) and calcareous (lime & cement) as the main raw materials, which through the process of batching, pouring, cutting, autoclaving, separating and packing to make into the final products.It is new type & environmental construction material and widely used for industry and civil building construction.AAC Block is the most mature technology of production and application in the worldwide nowadays.
3.Autoclaved Aerated Concrete(AAC) Block Advantages & Features:
(1) Lightweight:300~700kg/m3
(2)High Intensity:3.5~10.0Mpa
(3)Good Thermal Insulation Property:0.1~0.20W/(m · k)
(4)Keeping Temperature, Heat preservation, Fireproof
(5)Good Sound Insulation:47.25db;
(6)Earthquake Proof
(7)Good operating
(8)Conveniently Mechanized Construction

4.Main Process Flow of AAC Block Production Line:
(1)Raw material:Store the flyash (tailings etc), lime and gypsum after milling to the needed fineness (200 mesh);
(2)Mixing the fly-ash, cement, lime, gypsum and water in the pot after batching.
(3)Promote the slurry temperature to 40to50 degree by steam, and mill with aluminum powder for 1min.
(4)Pour the slurry into the mould, and still in the curing room for frothing in 2-2.5h.
(5)Cut it in to needed size by the cutter after the slurry approach the cutting
Intensity, and place the block on the trolley.
(6)Autoclaved curing after the trolley enter into the autoclave (vacuum, rise the pressure,
Keep the pressure, reduce the pressure),keeping the constant pressure 1.2MPa.
The whole process needs about 8 hours.

5.What are the applications of the finished AAC blocks?

Finished AAC block is Suitable for all nonbearing wall and bearing wall of multi-story (less than six-floor), nonbearing wall internal parting wall, thermal insulation rooms front panel,
1.Unit weight grade (kg/m3):500, 600, 700, 800 (means 05,06,07,08 grade)
2.Compression strength grade (Mpa):A3.5, A5.0, A7.5, A10.0 (1Mpa=10kg/m2)
3.Drying shrinkage (mm/m):≤ 0.8
4.Heat conductivity(w/m.K):0.09-0.22
5.Sound-proofing performance(db):40-47.75

Name:Kevin Wang
My Mobile:+8613468100837
1.The part made by Sunite
I. Raw Material Preparing Process
NO.         Name                 Specifications               Quantity       
1Batch Machine2.5m³2set
2Belt Conveyor   8m×0.6 m1set
3Slurry Mixer5m³1set
4Waste Slurry Mixer         4m³1set
5Slurry Pump(YZ)   80YZ80-204set
6Slurry Storage Tank30m³2set
7Waste Slurry Tank                 30m³1set
8Cement Silo   45m³1set
9Lime Silo         45m³1set
II. Pouring, Mixing Process
10Slurry Weighing Tank       6T1set
11Powder Weighing Tank3T1set
12Air CompressorV-O-17/B1set
13Screw ConveyorΦ219×2.5m3set
14Aluminum Mixer               0.05m³1set
15Casting Mixer 4.8m³1set
16Mould Carrier 4m×3m1set
III. Curing Process
17Mould Box   5250×1660×880mm20set
18Plate of Mould Box                   4970×670×170mm182set
19Winch System4KW-355set
IV.Grouping, Reverse Process 
20Crane Turning Machine           6.3 M×2 M-P=5T1set
21Hydraulic System of Turning Machine           7.5KW -20Mp1set
22Crane&Block Carrier             5.5 M×2  M-P=3.5T1set
23Oil Tank of Block Carrier   5.5 KW -20Mp1set
V. Cutting Process
24Frequency Conversion Cutting Machine3.7 M×1.4M1set
25Level Cutting Machine           5000×2300×2200mm1set
26Vertical Cuting Machine          5480×2350×2800mm1set
27Hydraulic System of Vertical Cut Machine           5.5 KW -20Mp1set
VI. Autoclaving Process
28Winch Machine before Autoclave       5T1set
29Steam Cart       5M×2M54set
30Winch After Autoclave       5T2set
VII.Electric Controlling System
31Automatic PLC Control Cabinet &Wires             Siemens,Schneider3set
VIII.Mould Box Recycle Using System
32Plate Conveyor0.87×0.2516set
The other parts from our parts supplier
1Jaw CrusherPE200×350  1set
2Bucket Lift Machine       HL200             1set
3Raymond Mill(include dust removal)4R3216           1set
4Vibrate Feeder         0-10T               1set
5Bucket Lift Machine      D250               1set
6Coal Boiler DZL6-1.6MPA1set
7Autoclave   Φ2.5m×31m6set
8Steam Distribution Cylinder       Φ3252set
3.The parts need buying locally by buyer
1Cast BuildingWelding Steel Construction         1set
2Steam Room&PipeBrick&Concrete DN80           1set
3Steam,PPR Water Pipe&Valve DN80/50/251set
4U-steel(MouldBox)               18#124m
5Crane Rail   24kg/m90m
6H Steel         350×175×7×1190m
7Crane Pillar Φ180×550m
8Light Rail     12kg/m1000m
9H Steel(Plate Transport) 100×100×6×860m

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