DCEC cylinder head assembly 4983301 5272383 for Cummins Engine ISB QSB

DCEC cylinder head assembly 4983301 5272383 for Cummins Engine ISB QSB, with list of cylinder heads for Cummins engines, as below: EngineDescriptionPart #Part #Part #Part #Part #4BTcylinder head396746039203943966448393337039200054BTcylinder head330457039025213920485392973639272784BTcylinder head38003383967444396745139334243

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DCEC cylinder head assembly 4983301 5272383 for Cummins Engine ISB QSB, with list of cylinder heads for Cummins engines, as below: 
EngineDescriptionPart #Part #Part #Part #Part #
4BTcylinder head39674603920394396644839333703920005
4BTcylinder head33045703902521392048539297363927278
4BTcylinder head38003383967444396745139334243930913
4BTcylinder head39334943933419391935739664503933418
4BTcylinder head3933417393342139664493967432 
6BTcylinder head38028053904573390547039102763911273
6BTcylinder head39174353919271391927239203953925389
6BTcylinder head39253923927282392730139304213930587
6BTcylinder head39306523930921393093239309333934746
6BTcylinder head39347583934763393476839347693934783
6BTcylinder head39386563966454396745539674563967458
6BTcylinder head39170553917287392000839226913925400
6BTcylinder head39272993934747396645239674313991773
6BTcylinder head39273003967454396744949414123968652
6BTcylinder head39304203934160393479539664533934753
6BTcylinder head3930424    
6BTNGcylinder head49464263922739392273032800553925391
6CTcylinder head39361523936153393618039734934938632
6CTcylinder head38024683913111380246639485833913493
ISCcylinder head3948583    
6LTcylinder head39450214929518493578452594234987975
QSLcylinder head4942123NX4942138492928849313983936256
QSLcylinder head49367145282706492951953484754929518
QSLcylinder head49897104942139493578753479744935786
QSLcylinder head49879845282720494213749879835320745
QSLcylinder head4935785530089053148015529506 
QSLcylinder head39697254991701494211953484805259426
ISLcylinder head52557585348480RX5259426NX49421184942118NX
ISLcylinder head39693743969374NX493911053484784936724
ISLcylinder head4936724NX52594215259421NX49421173969728
ISLcylinder head49879605282716494211649879595320739
ISLcylinder head49879734942121532074139736314942122
ISLcylinder head49879745282717397363039736324928931
ISLcylinder head49421234942123NX498797552594235259423NX
ISLcylinder head53484795348479RX   
4ISBEcylinder head49414963973655493424939760953975144
4ISBEcylinder head39736544934248397514339726243976093
4ISBEcylinder head3976094    
6ISBEcylinder head28312743973225493608139772213943627
6ISBEcylinder head49832993977225527238349410904983301
6ISBEcylinder head53616044317163397722653648923971793
6ISBEcylinder head53974365361593   
ISF2.8cylinder head52711795271177527117652711785265705
ISF3.8cylinder head52641285258274499552452582755271866
ISF3.8cylinder head52718675271868525827649955255271869
QSMcylinder head49624544083406286402828640332864016
Kcylinder head30810723640318306840238119883811985
Kcylinder head36403213641560RX381198736403233021692
Kcylinder head3811989306817130746233074623RX3081072
Kcylinder head3081072RX3640323NX3640323RX3646326NX3646326RX
Kcylinder head36463233646323NX3646323RX30810643635021
Kcylinder head31766193009088381198630746223074622RX
Kcylinder head362775330810713081071RX36403223640322NX
Kcylinder head36463253646325NX3646325RX30684013072438
Kcylinder head3072438RX30810703081070RX3640321NX3646324
Kcylinder head3646324NX3646324RX308107338119813009089
Kcylinder head3021692RX300913830188683081073RX3811988NX
Kcylinder head3811988RX300757220501530072073009081
Kcylinder head36342583081065   
NTcylinder head30077163007717341867834118054915267
NTcylinder head30550983041993491544234186843046760
NTcylinder head3411814305041930604453053346BM60971
NTcylinder head34118093050419RX365280734067303050418
NTcylinder head30812243081224RX3406734AR103273008100
NTcylinder head367550530081013008102RX30419943652600
NTcylinder head36755063008094AR4519630504183041992
NTcylinder head3024375300808934185291355413801224
NTcylinder head30419913409923341179830533444915441
NTcylinder head3652808308122534067363411811 
ISB5.9cylinder head4931564    
QSXcylinder head49627323682863368300236839864331387
QSXcylinder head54137823683003410142136839874925775
QSXcylinder head49627314393478541378431042873104450
ISXcylinder head43860113104290310429131044514393480
DCEC cylinder head assembly 4983301 5272383 for Cummins Engine ISB QSB
DCEC cylinder head assembly 4983301 5272383 for Cummins Engine ISB QSB
DCEC cylinder head assembly 4983301 5272383 for Cummins Engine ISB QSB
DCEC cylinder head assembly 4983301 5272383 for Cummins Engine ISB QSB
DCEC cylinder head assembly 4983301 5272383 for Cummins Engine ISB QSB
DCEC cylinder head assembly 4983301 5272383 for Cummins Engine ISB QSB

Our complete engines including : ( we have parts for many other brands )
14BT3.9, 6BT5.9, 4ISBE4.5, 6ISBE6.7, QSB4.5, QSB6.7, ISB
26CT8.3, L8.9, L9.3, L9.5, ISLe8.9, QSL
4ISF2.8, ISF3.8, QSF2.8, QSF3.8
5ISZ13, QSZ13, ISG
7KT19, KT38, KT50, QSK19, QSK38, etc
8Deutz BFM1013, BFM1015, FL912, FL913, FL914, FL413, FL513
9MWM TBD234, TD226B
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1diesel generator set
2water pump set, fire pump set
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4Automobile (bus, coach, shuttle, etc)
5marine main propulsion, marine auxiliary generator set

And besides complete engines, we also export a lot of engine parts parts, including:
SNPart Descriptions
1cylinder head, cylinder block, cylinder liner
2piston, piston ring, conrod
3main bearing, conrod bearing, thrust bearing
4fuel injector, fuel injection pump, common rail
5oil pan gasket, cylinder head gasket
6overhaul gasket kit, upper gasket kit, lower gasket kit
7oil pan
8fuel transfer pump, water pump, oil pump, vacuum pump, power steering pump
9oil filter, fuel filter, fuel water separator, air filter, Etc

We also deal with many other brands of engines and gearboxes, etc, including:
1Deutz, MWM
12Jinbei, Brilliance
13Iveco, Yuejin

Question: What is the price ?
Answer: Our prices are determined by various factors, including: Brand, Model, Power, Quantity, Price Term (FOB, CIF, CPT, FCA, etc), Certificates, etc.
Question: What is the MOQ ?
Answer: for complete engine, 1 set; for engine parts, 1 engine set;
Question: Are samples available ?
Answer: Sample order is acceptable, but with higher unit price.
       For regular partners, if necessary, free samples are available.
Question: How long is the production cycle (lead time) ?
Answer: for engine parts, we usually have enough stock; for engines, usually around 10-20 days; for stock engine, usually 1 week.
Question: How long is the shipment?
Answer: if by Express, usually 3-4 working days; if by air, usually 3-5 working days; if by sea, 3-7 days to Southeast Asia, 15-20 days to Middle East, South Asia and Australia, 20-25 days to Europe, USA and Africa, 30-35 days to Latin America and other regions.
Question: What are your payment methods ?
Answer: we accept T/T (bank wire transfer), L/C, Western Union, Money Gram, Sigue, Secured Trade through Made-in-China, etc.
Question: Do you supply any other brand ?
Answer: we entered stock engine industry since 2016, mainly focusing in engines in stock, never used, still under good condition, made in US/UK/Germany/Japan/Korea/China, etc. Sometimes we have stocks of other brands than our normal list of brands. Thus, any inquiry is warmly welcomed and we will always do best to support customers.

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